Desktop Environment

Barbarian coders develops a wide range of software solutions, for any environment whether it's Microsoft Unix or Linux, including:

  • Database-driven, Standalone applications
  • OS device drivers and system services
  • Distributed applications
  • Integration of your existing application with vendors, and customer systems

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While our competition will recommend solutions based on the cheapest cost of development, we will always recommend to you the best solution. Our team always ensures you get the lowest TCO. We will deliver a solution that meets your requirements and will ensure your business' growth for many years to come. Our team will provide you with a highly available, scalable and robust solution that will grow alongside your business for many years to come.

Your experience will begin with our business analysts that will get to know your business needs. The more he understands your business, the better the software solution will be. One of our goals is to improve your business productivity. One way to achieve this is to integrate your existing applications. This reduces the time required to perform certain task and will increase your productivity.

The requirements will be passed to our architects which will analyze them and based on them create a high level design of the solution. This will be passed to our development team which will implement the solution. Finally the product will be scrutinized by our testing team, which will ensure that our product will meet all the standards.

Finally, before we deliver the product to you, we let you our customer, evaluate the product to make sure that you are fully satisfied. What we have noticed that during this phase some our customers realize that they would like more features. If this is true in your case you will be visited again by our business analyst which will gather the new requirements.

How we ensure that you are satisfied

Once we have delivered the product to you, we will check in with you from time to time to see if you require any more help and to make sure that you are satisfied.

There was a time when customers were more than just a number. We believe in forging long lasting relationships with our customers. To us you are not a number, but a member of our family. Give us a call and experience the difference a good IT partner will make to your business.

If you don't find the answer here, please don't hesitate to contact us!